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What is product photography?

What is product photography?

Photography, as the name suggests, is an expression or idea that is delivered in the form of a picture or image that appeals to our optic senses. There are various genres and sub-genres of photography, like portrait photography, landscape photography, automotive photography, sports photography, etc. In this dynamic world of photography, lies a subject of photography that deals with its commercial usage. Product photography establishes its presence in this genre of photography. In this class of photography, photographs of various products and allied services are
created with the motive of using them on various eCommerce platforms to drive sales for the said product.

What is product photography?

Why is online product photography essential?

A good, detailed online product photograph is not only necessary to attract potential customers but also give them a sense of belonging and ownership to the aforementioned customer.

Secondly, a properly executed product photograph on any eCommerce platform appeals positively to the senses of the potential consumer and helps drive sales and growth.

A well-executed online product photography timeline can also help in creating a positive brand image and leave an indelible mark on the subconscious minds of the consumers and potential target audience.

We need to consider the fact that outdoor product photography is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. For example, when a company decides to do influencer marketing or lifestyle marketing, a different setup is required compared to what they would need to execute a successful Amazon product photography assignment.

5 tips on how to successfully execute any online product photography assignment-

1. Selecting the right camera- The right camera or gear is very crucial in properly doing online product photography. Please note, that the right gear does not always mean the most expensive gear that is available on the market. The tried and tested suggestion is to try a few options and pick up the one which suits our said purpose and budget the best. There will be a brief list of suggested equipment you may check out to take your online product photography to the next level.

2. Setting the lighting- Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography. The light settings are enough to make or break any image, so
make sure you optimize the lighting perfectly in the mood you want your online product photography to be.

3. Delivering consistent results- To create a good brand image, it is key to adhere to a consistent and certain style of online product photography. This will help in making the delivered content more appealing to consumers.

4. Understanding the target consumer- Before getting down to shooting, one must study their target platform and target consumers therein. A random shoot may turn out to be detrimental to the brand.

5. Plan it out – It is always advisable to plan photographs and sequences so that things can be smoothly executed later on.

Tips on how to successfully do Amazon product photography-

In this section, we will be taking a tour into the nitty-gritty of cracking the maze of product photography on Amazon-

Good quality, high-resolution imagery- The photographer must make sure that the photographs are of top-notch resolution and high quality. The lighting should be spot-on and not be blurry or out of focus. Please note, that good and detailed product photographs on Amazon make them more appealing to potential consumers.

The angle of the photograph- The Amazon platform encourages sellers to focus on the angle of the photograph while taking and uploading them. The first image or the ‘main image’ shall have a front view of the product while the successive images should make it a point to display the product from all the possible angles.

Sizing- It is important to take into consideration that while photographing the product, the sizing should be in proportion and must not be too expanded or so minimized that the actual product details are lost.

Use a clear and uncluttered background- While taking photographs for Amazon, one must make sure that the background of their images is clear from any disturbances and a neat and clean appearance is presented before the potential consumer, so as to not confuse them or draw their attention away from the main product.

Do not use obscene or illegal or controversial photographs- Since Amazon is an inclusive platform and caters to a very wide variety of people, it is highly advised that the seller maintains a decent and clear portfolio on the platform. Failure to abide by this guideline may prove detrimental to the interests of the seller.

Important tools that will help your product photographs stand out.

1. A good camera- As said earlier, it is best to try out multiple combinations depending on our needs and then finalize the purchase. It is advisable to try out cameras from different manufacturers since each of them brings certain unique properties to the table.

2. A tripod- A good quality tripod is absolutely important in product photography as no one wants to see blurry photographs and shaky details when seeing the products online. Tripods are available in a lot of different price brackets, so pick up the one which supports your camera in the best way possible.

3. A Softbox- If you intend on shooting small online product photographs, a softbox is an essential tool since it smoothens out the lighting and gives a serene effect to the photograph.

4. Props, as and when needed- Make sure to set the shot right by using the proper props since they can convey the mood of the image efficiently and thus increase consumer appeal.

In this modern-day age, online product photography is a pillar of eCommerce and this is an aspect that can make or break the brand and the business behind it.

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