Rupin Pass Trek In Different Season


Like most trekking in the Himalayas, Rupin Pass trekking is best planned for two seasons.  The first option is the summer before the monsoon (May-June) and the latter is the autumn season after the monsoon (September-October). 

Rupin Pass Trek In Different Season


Rupin Pass  Summer (May / June):

 From mid-May to late June, Lupine is a true majestic self. The weather at Lupine Pass is pleasant for most hikes, but due to the remaining snow in winter, moderate to heavy snowfall is expected during this time. Snow is muddy because it melts during the day and freezes again at night. Summer also brings rich rhododendron flowers. The meadows are in bloom with these wildflowers, which look like some kind of dream. May / June Lupine Pass is the ideal time to take a leisurely hike, observe the blooming wildflowers, and experience the winter wonderland. The temperature at Lupine Pass in front of the monsoon is hot during the day, changing from 2028 degrees Celsius and cool at night to 45 degrees Celsius. Don’t forget to stuff your wool. The temperatures at Lupine Pass in May and June are comfortable. 

Rupin Pass after Autumn or Monsoon (September / October): 

The weather at Lupine Pass after Monsoon is wonderful. The sky is clear and haze-free, and the meadows are green and dotted with many flowers. The grass turns a pleasant golden color and the temperature begins to drop. If you are lucky, it is possible that fresh snow will fall in the highlands. If you want to experience the raw and unfiltered beauty of Lupine Pass trekking, there is no such thing as the Lupine Pass from September to October. The temperature at Lupine Pass in the post-monsoon season is relatively low. In the lower campsites, the temperature varies between 1317 degrees during the day and 07 degrees during the night. At the upper campsites on the Rupin Pass, the temperature can drop to 0 degrees.

Distance :

With a distance of  52 km spanning 8 days, the Rupin pass in India is considered difficult in terms of difficulty. But the word “difficult” is always a relative term. Simply put, if you are someone who maintains an active and fit lifestyle, going up and down should never feel like a challenge. The journey was smooth and very enjoyable. The trail covers a variety of landscapes: tranquil grasslands, rugged terrain, and hiking the narrow cliff-side paths. There are also occasional outbursts and hikes that can be overwhelming for some but equally enjoyable. That said, since this is a high-altitude hike, it is essential to remember that an experienced hiker will find it relatively easier to get over the pass. However, for beginners it can be difficult at times and the snowy hiking trail will definitely challenge you. But experiencing the beauty of this place with your own eyes will make you never want to stop exploring. 

You can simply avoid any problems by staying hydrated during the trip and following the advice of your team leader. Going up through rough terrain, slippery ground and hard snow is only part of your adventure. And oh, what a great adventure that will be!

Trekking to Rupin path:

The trekking to Lupine path is rated as medium to difficult trekking. It is expected to hike for at least 56 hours each day. The difficulty of hiking depends mainly on the terrain. From simple walks to steep climbs, trails can sometimes be difficult. Some climbs can be slippery or muddy, so the trail challenges you. You have to run through snowfields,  streams, rocks, and beautiful meadows. Therefore, if you are planning a trek to Lupine Pass, you will be challenged and need to be prepared.


Hiking is mild for an active lifestyle with daily exercise, but difficult if you spend the day only in the office or classroom. Therefore, prepare a weekly training plan that includes both aerobic exercise and strength training. 

Being mentally strong is a very important aspect of trekking. We know that trails and weather will certainly challenge you and you can get AMS (altitude sickness). It can happen to anyone,  keep drinking water, keep breathing, and believe yourself that you can do this during these times. 

At the end of the hike, you will be pleased with the experience you have experienced.

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