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Kalsubai Peak Trek

Kalsubai Peak Trek

Kalsubai Peak Trek



Kalsubai Peak could be a very talked-about trek within the Sahyadri region. It’s the very best peak in the geographical area at five,400 linear units and is well accessible from Bombay and Pune. The trek offers a panoramic combination of natural environments like waterfalls, forests, grasslands, and historic forts.

 Kalsubai Temple

The Kalsubai Temple at the summit of the height attracts folks from the close villages throughout the year. They are available to require blessings from the Kalsubai Hindu deity. It’s believed that a young village woman named Kalsubai, lived within the mountains. She treated locals and animals at that time, as well as assisted in village activities. At some unspecified time in the future, she left for the summit, and ne’er came back. Therefore, in her memory, a little temple was designed at her home on the side, and also the main Kalsubai temple was designed on the height.

Kalsubai trek 

The Kalsubai trek offers views of the many illustrious forts like Alang, Madan, and Kulang. The treks to those peaks are pretty difficult. On a transparent day, you furthermore might get imposing views of different encompassing forts like Harihargad, Harishchandragad, and Ratangad. several toughened trekkers mix these treks for an accessorial journey.

The Kalsubai trek is additionally a really common night trek. Trekkers flock here for the good views of the sunrise!


Best time to try The Kalsubai Peak Trek

The trek is open throughout the year with every season having a distinct landscape. therefore, opt for the most effective time counting on what you’d prefer to expertise.

July to the Gregorian calendar month

July to the Gregorian calendar month is the monsoon season. You get to envision lush inexperienced landscapes and knowledge trekking in significant rain. Through the monsoon season, the high season gets extraordinarily crowded with about 2000- 3000 folks on the path. It gets terribly slippery and risky thanks to the slushy path. It’s terribly troublesome to induce clear views too, therefore it’s best to avoid this season.

September and Gregorian calendar months

September and Gregorian calendar months are the flowering seasons. These season months offer clear views of the encircling peaks and forts. You get to experience walking on grasslands with a colossal style of flowers. A similar style of flowers found within the Kaas upland also are found here. Snake lovers get to envision some rare species on the iron ladders.

Night hikes are best from Nov to the Gregorian calendar month once the weather is ideal to witness the spectacular sunrise from the summit. It will get a small amount chilly therefore to carry a lightweight jacket.

May and June are the pre-monsoon months. The clouds type attention-grabbing patterns, additionally lookout for the fireflies!


What to observe Out For

Spectacular read of the illustrious fort peaks from the summit

The views from Kalsubai Peak are breathtaking. Most of the illustrious peaks of the Sahyadris like Alang, Madan, Kulang, Ratangad, and Ajoba are visible from hereTrekkers combine two or more treks for a more extensive journey and difficulty.


A relaxing stroll across fields, farmland, and grasslands

Bari village could be a farming village, from the beginning of the trek the walk is through in-depth fields and farming land. This is often the most effective part of the trek and is a simple pleasurable walk.


The Thrill of climbing four slender iron ladders on vertical rock faces!

The ladder section comprising four slender iron ladders is the most swashbuckling and difficult part of the trek. The ascent and descent on this trek are in the same manner therefore there’s a two-way traffic of trekkers and villagers! Trekking within the monsoon season may be difficult on these ladders.

The Auspicious Temple of Kalsubai Hindu deity at the summit

The Kalsubai temple is taken into account terribly auspicious and lots of villagers still visit the temple to hunt the blessings of the Kalsubai Hindu deity. The temple is open throughout the year.

Trail data On the Kalsubai Peak Trek

The Kalsubai Peak trek path starts from Bari Village and might be divided into a pair of sections.

  1. The primary section is from Bari Village, through fields, grasslands, and a brief forest section.
  2. The second section is the difficult ladder sections regarding 4-5 step ladders. From a viewpoint space, you reach the ultimate summit wherever the Kalsubai Temple is found.

The descent is the same manner backpedal.

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