5 Benefits Of Geofencing That May Change Your Perspective

Benefits Of Geofencing  

Geofencing is an effective way to reach people at the right place at the right time. It is destination-based marketing, where geographical constraints are placed around a setting. When any mobile enters these confines, geofence technology activates various events. Geofencing has been going on for some time now. It is booming, and digital marketing companies are finding built-in ways to use it successfully.

Benefits Of Geofencing

How Geofencing Operates:-

  • A geographical boundary is created
  • Setting up a virtual alarm around that location
  • When a mobile device enters the specified limit, the messages of various events are generated.

Many companies use this opportunity when the customer enters malls, shops, etc. 

Make The Most Of Geofencing:-

Geofencing has a lot of advantages when it comes to boosting the business

  • Customer Reach:- 

Geofencing should be in the marketing strategy of every 

digital marketing company if it wants to stretch its message to the maximum possible number of people. This is an essential option as it notifies the customers on their mobiles about the products or services when they reach the advertiser’s company. The results will be more than satisfactory as everyone is glued to their mobiles.

  • Prompt Decisions:-

    Not so long back, we have seen the shopkeepers shouting out their products. In today’s scenario, this doesn’t sound very appealing. Digital marketing companies can now Practice the same thing with much sophistication.

      They can share their deals, discounts, value additions, etc., on the client’s mobile when the customer is near their store.     

      This can create interest in the customer’s mind, and he can buy the products or services offered.

  • Increased Brand Awareness:-

     Geofencing marketing helps the customer to know about the brand by making him aware of all the deals. This is beneficial for those customers who have the habit of purchasing through mobiles. In addition to this, the constant reminders about the brands encourage the customer to be aware of the brand and buy the product if it interests him.

4) Reduced costs:-

With the geofencing strategy in place, the digital marketing agency doesn’t have to bear huge advertising expenses. Geofencing targets local customers who are around. With the GPS in every mobile, tracking becomes easier for both the customer and the advertiser.

Advantages of Geofencing:-

1)Attracts the prospects:-

  The role of Geofencing in generating sales cannot be undervalued. It helps the digital marketing company share discounts, freebies, and other details when the prospect is close to the store.

2) Preparedness beforehand:-

Geofencing helps the digital marketing company interact with its customers about its products, services, etc.

3) Offering free Wi-fi Services:-

With the help of a Geofencing marketing strategy, the advertisers, especially in the hotel and hospitality industries, can inform their potential customers about the accessibility of wi-fi in their hotels and restaurants. This can increase more footfalls.

4)Keeps an eye on the employee:-

Geofencing not only helps with your client but can also track the movement of your employees. 

Many Companies have recorded enormous business growth by integrating Geofencing with their marketing strategy. They are as follows:-

  1. Elle Magazine increased its sales by using a pop-up in their customer’s mobile devices when they were close to the store.
  2. Uber has used this strategy to its advantage by shooting a message on the mobiles of the passengers looking for cabs in a particular location like airports, railway stations, etc.


With so many benefits stated above, the marketing companies in India cannot overlook the benefits of Geofencing. Geofencing is a very important marketing strategy for those digital marketing agencies interested in gaining deep insights into the local markets. Geofencing is very cost-effective, and it helps draw the interest of a specially targeted local group towards the brand. It helps to keep the customers engaged with the brand and eventually in increasing sales.

In short, geofencing can elevate any brand’s business with a marketing audience, properly targeted digital marketing services company in India.

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