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Aprilia SXR 160 Review

Aprilia SXR 160 Review

Aprilia SXR 160 Review

Aprilia SXR 160
Image Credit – Autocar India

After a long wait, the Italian company finally launched the Maxi-Styled Aprilla SXR 160  in India in December. This Italian maxi-scooter has all the aspects that you find in a scooter. It has a pop-up style, sportiness, and unbelievable power.

Specification and features

Aprilia SXR 160
Image Credit – MotorBeam

Let’s discuss the Aprilia SXR 160 in brief.

– There is no denying that this is the most good-looking scooter in the market so far.
– The gorgeous looking grey alloy wheels are my favorite up-gradation to this.
– The tails section looks sleek with a very stylish LED.
– For the look, it should get 10/10 and it is really an attention magnet.
– The sitting position is quite comfortable and you can feel very easy while picking the handle.
– The space under the seat is quite good and more than that of SR.
– The front windwheel makes it look more sporty and stylish.
– The first-ever scooter with having all LED lights.
– large lcd sigital display which shows avg fuel consuption,range,overall fuel efficiency,max speed lock,Battery volt,tacometer.

Aprilia SXR 160
Image Credit – Indian Autos Blog

– There is a glovebox under the handlebar with two separate compartment.
– Fuel tank capacity is increased by a liter.
– There is no multifunction keyhole to access the seat.
– Brake lock is missing.
– engine 160cc,air-cooled,single-cylinder,
Power 11ps @ 7,100rpm
Torque 11NM @ 5750rpm
– Aprilia SXR 160 is 11 kg heavier than the SR160.
– Nice, muscular, massive front.
– The tail section could have been bigger like the front.
– 128 kg in weight.
– The footboard area is a little small.
– Suspension-30mm telescopic monoshock takes care of all the undulation.
– SXR-160 relaxing on broken surfaces for off-road.
– The grip from the MRF tyre you don’t lose your composure even you are curdling at a high speed.
– The seat is enough for two adults to sit comfortably.It gives you a mileage of somewhere around 30-35kmpl.

Design & Features

Aprilia SXR 160
Image Credit – Car and Bike

– The new Aprilia SXR 160 wears a sleek full led headlamp setup that looks like an RS660 sports bike.
– There is a large seat with a sizable grab handle.
– The rider gets to look at a new LCD display that is large and very informative.
In that LCD you’ll get a rev counter, external temp gauge, two trip meters, a distance to empty meter, real-time fuel efficiency meter, battery voltage indicator.
– The 770mm seat is comparatively lower from SR.-The floorboard is more spacious than its predecessor.
– The fuel tank capacity is 7ltr this time.
– The front apron also has a glove box within that you will find a USB charging port.

But there some issues and missing features you may encounter, like
– The place at the front apron where you can relax your feet is too steep which makes it uncomfortable.
– There is no brake lever clasp.
– There is a lot of visible gaps in the plastic used for the apron and handlebar.
Although Aprilia commits this will improve on the scooters that are delivered from January 2021.
– The quality of plastics could have been better throughout the body.

Chassis, comfort, and Dynamics

Aprilia SXR 160
Image Credit – autoX

– The chassis almost identical to SR160 and the SXR has the same main-frame, steering geometry, and 1365weelbase.
– From the rider’s point of view, the scooter doesn’t feel big or bulky.
– The handlebar is set quite low, but there is ample space for a tall rider’s knees.
– The seat is comfortable enough and enough for two adults.
– The fat 120 section MRF tires at both ends offer plenty of grip on any kind of surface.
– The brakes are really powerful and dependable.
– It comes with a Single-Channel ABS. (Don’t expect motorcycle level performance)

Engine and performance

Aprilia SXR 160
Image Credit – Car and Bike

– Though it has slightly different ECU tuning for smoother and linear power delivery, this air-cooled 3 valve fuel-injected motor is closely identical to its predecessor.
– It’s a little bit faster than the 125cc scooters.
– It is around 128kg weighs which is almost 11 kg more than SR.
– Well on the road the motor is feathery smooth and feels very comfortable holding a steady 75-80 kph.
– SXR will definitely a better companion for a long drive outside city limits.


In this Aprilia SXR 160 review, we covered everything about this newly launched scooter.I personally like the Aprilia SXR 160 and can easily say that this is the best scooter so far.
– Apart from the quality of plastics there are not many complaints.
– But the main issue is the pricing. At RS 1.26 Lakh ex-showroom price, it is very close to most of the 200 cc bikes.

The larger engine, LCD display, and lovely wheels are premium enough but are this worth about 40,00 more than Suzuki Burgman Street, which has a similar level of performance!

But, being a middle class I never suggest you buy this when there are many more options available in the market.

My Ratings: 8/10

Colour Options: Black, Blue, Red, White

Price: 1.27 L (Ex-Showroom)

Hope you liked the article about Aprilia SXR 160 review. Do comment below to get answered about other topics.

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